One-to-One Coaching for Preschool Owners

Get A Coach!

Having a coach is important if you want to be successful in your business. We all like to believe we’re capable of running 100% of our existence by ourselves, yet it is painfully obvious that we don’t know what we don’t know! In other words, oftentimes we’re blind to our own barriers to success. And these barriers to our success oftentimes cover-up as logical-sounding reasons why we cannot accomplish what we’re fully capable of accomplishing. I am happy, that you have taken the first step towards your journey in setting up a preschool. You can be sure of one thing, and that is, in this journey, I am going to be there with you, to handhold you, to guide you, and to make sure you are successful!

How will the one-to-one coaching help you?

Step-by-step guidance

Running a profitable preschool business is not an easy task. There are multiple balls that you have to juggle. These balls are of sales, marketing, academics, operations, admin, and customer management. If you fail in any one, it affects the business. Thus There is a lot of guidance that you will need.

In the one-to-one coaching is for that I do for preschool entrepreneurs, I guide them on every step. Right from sales and marketing to customer satisfaction. With ready to us templates and google sheets, and ready to use marketing plans can help you save a lot of time. After the one-to-one sessions, all you need to focus on is implementation. 

Here’s are the different type of one-to-one sessions you can opt for depending on your requirement;


The 30 Days Preschool Marketing Challenge is an intensive 4 weeks mentoring program. It consists of four 90 mins sessions once a week. Each session will help you get clarity. Every session will be an eye-opener. Not only this but I will also handhold you in the implementation and execution of the plan. The ultimate challenge will be to generate 30 leads and 10 admissions in 30 days. 

Here is what we will do in the 30 DAYS PRESCHOOL MARKETING CHALLENGE:

  • WEEK 1: In the first session, I will be focusing on setting up a realistic target for your preschool, identifying the magic number, identifying the number of leads required to achieve the enrollment targets and, overall budgeting for the next 30 days. I will also help you with ready-to-use templates and google sheets so that the implementation of the plan becomes a piece of cake for you.
  • WEEK 2: In this second session, we will look back at the execution and implementations in the past week and accordingly make changes in the plan of action if required. I will also share a strategy through which you will be able to generate 30 leads for your preschool in the next 20 days without spending a single rupee.
  • WEEK 3: In the 3rd session, I will take you through some advanced tools and techniques in order to automate the lead generation process. You will also learn different strategies for nurturing the generated lead data.
  • WEEK 4: In this 4th session which will be the last session of the PRESCHOOL MARKETING BLUEPRINT, I will handhold you in setting up a complete plan of action for the next 90 days.
  • Certification: On successfully completing the 30 days challenge, you will be getting a certificate.

Duration: 30 days


  • The preschool owner must have a minimum of 6 months+ experience of running a preschool
  • Ready to spend at least Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 on social media marketing activities like lead generation and brand building. 


To keep your body healthy, you need to exercise on daily basis. Similarly, to keep your preschool business healthy, you need to do marketing on a monthly, weekly as well as daily basis. PRESCHOOL MARKETING MASTERMIND will help you enable inculcate the habit of marketing. Preschool entrepreneurs who will benefit the most from this mastermind are the ones who are aware of whom to market, what to market but lack consistency. They get the implementation handholding in the Mastermind program. This is where they are held accountable and more than one brain works on getting business solutions for their business. The structure is so designed to keep the preschool entrepreneur infused with consistency and innovative marketing ideas for their preschool. They start taking actions that impact business and everyday life. Making entrepreneurs healthy, wealthy and happy all at the same time.


  • Saturday Social Media Masterclass: Every Saturday, I will be conducting a live Preschool Marketing Mastermind session in which I will be sharing one innovative way to promote your preschool every week. These ideas will help you generate more leads for your preschool. The session will also include a brainstorming activity where all members of the mastermind class will help each other by contributing what has worked for them and what has not. 
  • Access to all Preschool Marketing Mastermind Sessions: I will be giving you access to all the past Preschool Marketing Mastermind sessions. You can watch them anytime, anywhere, and at your convenience.
  • Access to all my Online Courses: The PRESCHOOL MARKETING MASTERMIND membership will give you access to all the online courses that I launch on a weekly basis absolutely free of cost.
 Duration: 6 months


  • The preschool owner must have a minimum of 6 months+ experience of running a preschool