Let's make it BIG!

If your existing preschool branch has more than 150 enrollments, consistently for the last 2 years, and if you are ready to take the next BIG step, its time to grow from 1 to many.

Franchise Expansion from your own preschool to multiple fracnhise branches is not easy, but not difficult too, if you have the right guidance, right approach as well as the right process to follow.​

Here's is how I can help you!

1. Documentation.

Franchise expansion includes a lot of legal documentation like fracnhise proposal, franchise agreement, MOU, rent agreement, site inspection report, check list for the franchise sign-up process, etc.

2. Brand/Corporate Website.

You can still manage not having a website when you are a single branch, but you cant afford not to have a website when you are expanding from one preschool to many. You need a good corporate website to ensure your online presence.

Me and my team will ensure a smooth flow of website development for your preschool brand right from domain registration, hosting, website designing and development, content drafting, payment gateway integration and SSL.

3. Brand & Marketing Collaterals.

Having all your branding and marketing collaterals is very important before you approach your investor. As soon as you have your first sign-up done, you will have to fullfil all the requirements and demands of the new franchisee partner for your preschool, and one of them being giving them all ready to use creatives for marketing, branding and stationary.

I have a list of 150+ design collaterals that are the most essentials ones to start with. All the 150 collaterals are divided into three segments, mainly MARKETING, INSTRASTRUCTURE & STATIONARY. You can download the PDF below.

4. Franchisee Sales Presentation.

One of the most important PPTs with be the Franchisee Sales Presentation. A detailed slide-by-slide presentation about your brand, company, curriculum, new franchse preschool set-up process, offerings, ROI sheet, commercials, etc. needs to be showcased in this PPT.

5. Lead Generation.

I will also be helping you with a lead generation campaign in order to crack the first 5 sign-ups. Depending on the location, city and state, I will guide you in designing a plan and accordingly execute the paid campaigns in order to generate B2B leads for the first 5 sign ups.
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