Preschool Social Media Management

Social Media Management for Preschools

The 2020 pandemic has hit every preschool owner in India and abroad. Lucky are those, who have realized the importance of Digital Marketing and have adapted to the new normal of getting their preschool business, digitally active. For those who yet haven’t, here’s an opportunity. It’s now or never. If you want to ensure your survival, you need to take action today.

Here's how I can help you with Social Media Management for your preschool.

Facebook, Instagram & Google Business

For a preschool business, the most important social media platforms that your need to be active on are none other than Facebook, Instagram & Google Business. Watch my video on The 3 most Important Social Media Platforms to Promote your Preschool in the next 5 years. We have so far helped more than 300 preschools manage their social media platforms. Every month, we plan a social media strategy for their preschool along with the complete content and social media calendar, design the posts accordingly and even schedule the posts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Business for their preschool. 

Dedicated Graphics Designer, Social Media Manager & Content Writer for your Preschool

With the Preschools that we work with, we help them by assigning the 3 most important resources for your preschool.

  • Graphics Designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer

  • Dedicated Designer
     will help your preschool with all the creative requirements. It can be as small as a WhatsApp post or a 20 by 20 hoarding for Admissions open. It can be an annual day stage backdrop or a certificate for a teacher. Whatever your requirement is, the dedicated designer will help you with the design within 24 hours after you raise an artwork request on the CreativeConnect mobile application. All you need to do is raise a request on the app and that’s it! The designer will call you if he needs any more details apart from what you have sent on the app and accordingly work on the design give it to you. Below are some of the creatives who are designed by our designers.

    Dedicated Social Media Manager will help you with all the technical aspects of social media management for your preschool. Right from onboarding you, publishing and scheduling regular posts on your social media handles, keeping all pages active with regular activity pictures sent by your team on the CreativeConnect app. He will also run all paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Google Business for your preschool whenever you want to.

    With our Dedicated Content Support will be responsible for the social media calendar of your preschool on a month-on-month basis as well as any other content-related requirement for the artwork requests raised by you.

    Dedicated Graphics Designer, Social Media Manager & Content Writer for your Preschool

    Every month, our content team along with the design with a lot of brain storming, plans a social media strategy for your preschool brand and accordingly 8 social media posts will be designed and schedule on your preschool’s Facebook, Instagram and Google business pages.

    Monthly Birthday Templates.

    Every month, there is some or the other child’s birthday at your preschool. And why not make them feel special with a customized birthday post for the child? All you need to do is share the details like birth date, name of the child and one photograph on the CreativeConnect app in advance (before the month begins) and we will design creative birthday templates for every child along with their photograph and schedule the posts on the respective dates. Here are a few sample birthday templates.

    Google Business Optimization.

    With our Google Business Optimization service for preschools, we will rank your preschool in the top three searches within the next 30 to 45 days. The days to rank your preschool on the top can vary depending on the competition of other preschool brands in your locality. 

    Below are the screenshots of results of our work done

    Regular Preschool Activity Photos & Video Uploads.

    We will ensure that all activity/event pictures or videos are uploaded on the Facebook page everyday. All you need to do is upload the pictures on the CreativeConnect mobile app.

    Access to CreativeConnect Mobile App.

    CreativeConnect is the first ever mobile application developed specially to help preschool owners coordinate with the Creative31minds team for all their social media requirements. Tasks like uploading activity pictures on Facebook page, sending an artwork request to the dedicated designer, updating our team for any latest events planned at the center, sharing child’s birthday details like picture, image and date with the team, etc.